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Robert Silman is a doctor/scientist, for many years Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant at St. Bartholomew’s and the Royal London School of Medicine where he authored scores of research publications in the major scientific research journals, principally on the role of the pituitary hormones ACTH and endorphin in pregnancy and parturition, and the pineal hormone melatonin in growth and puberty. Before medical school he obtained a degree in Philosophy (Licence ès Lettres) at the Sorbonne where he co-wrote a political thriller, Assassination, under the pen name Ben Abro, published by Jonathan Cape in the UK and William Morrow in the USA. The book gave rise to a libel action with a celebrated French politician. The book was withdrawn during court proceedings and was republished in April 2001 by the University of Nebraska Press (ISBN: 9780803259393) with an extensive historical addendum on the accompanying libel action.
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Steven Froelich is an actor/playwright. His first play, They Offered Bob and Wilma Cash, had Sylvia Miles in the lead with Steven playing opposite as her son. His second play, Weekend In Rio, was work shopped at the Steppenwolf Studio in Chicago with Laurie Metcalfe in the lead followed by public performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it received two Best Actress nominations. His first true life travel journal, Moscow to Havana (ISBN: 9780957296602), was published in 2012.